Tuesday, March 10, 2015


hello there! again hahahaha.

so, happy March! how has your month been so far? Hope it's been good. mine's been pretty cool so far, just waiting for my semester 2 GPA score to be released so I can cry a river or two.

anyway! I'm here today to share with you about one of my favourite youtuber. She's a beauty guru, like a lot of youtubers. she's also gorgeous and funny and easy to follow. She doesn't talk too much nor does she talk too little. She's extremely humble and she definitely has a really nice personality. She seems pretty soft spoken but at the same time you can tell she also has her own fun side. and of course, that person is MsRosieBea <3
(yup click on that it'll bring you to her channel)

I don't think she is extremely well known yet, but she will be one day!! then I hope she comes to Singapore so I can meet her YAY. ahahahahaha ok.

Currently she has about 105,000 subscribers.

my favourite thing about her is how quick to the point she is when explaining things. Like for example in this video, she doesn't ramble on about the products. and even if she did, it is not boring at all. there's just something about her that makes you want to keep watching!

she did a day in my life video for the first time here and you can see how simple her life is and how genuine she herself is. Plus, her accent is adorable! hehe.

okay so I'm not gonna say any more I'm probably boring you out. But I hope you all will check her out cause she is so cool I absolutely love her!

Thank you so much for reading this I love all of you :) x