Saturday, February 28, 2015


Ok so hi I have something to say.

Westlife are the bomb. No literally. Now if you guys don't know who Westlife is, well they are an Irish boy band, originally having five members and now four, who disbanded in 2012. Well that's besides the point. The point here is that they have absolutely brilliant songs.
Here's picture of the four members to warm you guys up.

So, I'm sure some of you guys have never even heard of them. But fret not because I will introduce you to some songs which will make you guys fall in love.

First up, I'm gonna go with the classic. Their first album is called Westlife and was released in 1999. Here's a picture of their album.

What's it been, almost twenty years? But trust me when I say some of the songs in that album are legendary. This is my most favourite album of theirs. It's okay if you've never heard of them before, but do give them a listen because I promise you it'll be worth it. Please? pretty please?

Just click on this link to listen to the Youtube playlist of their first album in a video :)

So after their peak years however, it kind of just went downhill from there. Not in a sense where their songs became horrible but in a sense that the hype about them sort of died down. Of course that didn't mean they weren't making any great songs. there are a few songs which I love from their twilight years as a band. Two songs specifically.

First would be Something Right which was released in 2008. I think this song is really catchy and will get you singing along in no time. The link for that song is right here!

Next would be Safe which was released in 2010. This is a very heart warming and emotional song, and in addition it also has a great tune to it. The music video is a little cheesy to me but the song makes up for it big time <3

This will also be where I tell you guys how amazing Westlife sound live. Like, they don't need no auto tune they sound great live already! Here's them performing Safe at Belfast in 2010. Enjoy.

Well, that's all I have for now. Hope you liked their songs, and maybe them too ;) doesn't matter that they've disbanded, they have loads of songs you guys can go check out! And if you're already a fan let me know which are your favourite Westlife songs! I would love to know :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, I hope to see you again soon! :)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

rid my fear of public speaking?!

helloooooo friends!

its been so long! my apologies, I have been extremely busy from school and all. But I decided to squeeze a little bit of time to write a post! I actually have an examination tomorrow but I still feel like I should write something :)

so, about two weeks ago, my class and I had a formal presentation for a particular module. now this is a big thing for us considering my class is a science class and we know next to nothing about all the formalities like business students do. So this presentation meant speaking in front of my class and teacher. Now, I used to have this huge fear of standing in front of the class and talking to a large group of people. But being in polytechnic for the past few months, I've learned to overcome that fear. Sort of.

but anyway, here I have a few tips if you want to get over your fear of public speaking.

Firstly, when speaking in front of the audience, try to look at everyone. I mean sure, follow the Z formation or whatever, but most importantly don't just look at one person. Because for me personally, when I look around, at least I won't be standing there awkwardly staring at just one person. Move your head so that as you speak you're not stagnant even if you're standing at one spot only.

If you are afraid of looking them in the eye, then look at their foreheads. it will seem as if you are looking in their eyes but really you're not. slowly as you do more presentations you'll move from their forehead to their nose and then their eyes. It helps, trust me ;)

thirdly, practice in front of a mirror. speak in front of the mirror as if you are talking to the audience. While looking in the mirror look at yourself in the eye. I do that a lot, because to me it feels as if I am looking at the audience if I look at myself in the eye through the mirror.

Now, when you are going to speak in front of an audience try not to memorise your script 100%. you do not have to follow your script fully. If you do you will usually sound like you are just reading from a mental book. instead, why not remember your main points and all the extravagant words and then speak from the heart when your are on stage. It works for me all the time.

Finally, never be afraid to try. For me personally, being in polytechnic we have a lot of opportunities to speak in front of the class. don't be afraid to give it a go and speak in front of your class. the more you do it, the faster your fear will go away. Just like mine did!

I mean I'm not perfect at speaking in public, and nor am I in love with it. sometimes I still get nervous and my voice will shake a little. But I always try my best and take every opportunity that comes. :)

hope that helped! If not a lot, then a little :)
well, I need to get back to my revision. see you guys soon! have a great day! <3